EmoZen is a process by which Krista, a licensed marriage and family therapist, healed her own trauma and came home to her own soul. Krista has trademarked the process, and loves speaking about her journey, and sharing the flow that comes from EmoZen. In fact, she and her clients have dubbed this effect EmoZenflow. In session, instead of being emotional (over-reactive or lacking emotional sobriety) she helps her clients to achieve EmoZenal awareness (alignment allowing for confidence and clarity). And then EmoZenflow ensues.

There are three, non-negotiable steps to achieving a state of EmoZenal awareness. The steps are as follow:

  • Standing in your Truth
    • Less emotional reactivity resulting in more EmoZenal stability
    • Reprogramming of the 1st brain, or reptilian brain.
      • Unconscious patterns are buried here in the first seven years of life.
      • This part of the brain is responsible for survival
        • Fight
        • Flight
        • Freeze
        • Fornicate
        • Feed
  • Grieve your losses
    • Feeling our feelings and grieving allows for appropriate emotional integration, supporting appropriate and authentic emotional expression
    • 2nd (second)  brain, or mammalian brain, is activated here as this is where emotions are felt and acted upon.
      • Feeling our emotions allows for us to appropriately self-soothe, bringing us to the now moment, or our Truth.
      • Feeling our feelings instead of suppressing or denying them allows for less over-reactivity (emotionality), inducing an EmoZenal experience supporting greater clarity and emotional sobriety.
  •  Be accountable
    • To self and others – here the 3rd (third) brain, or neo-cortex (more specifically the pre-frontal cortex) can stay connected, working in coherent conjunction with the heart, staying calmer and more present in tense situations
    • Better decision making
    • More self-awareness allowing for more compassion and feelings of gratitude towards self and others.


Again, these steps are non-negotiable and they are daily requirements. The details of how these steps are followed are of course specific to the individual with whom she is working.

EmoZen is an effective, holistic and alternative mental health approach to trauma recovery.  If you are committed to healing and/or personal growth, this process will allow you to learn from and transcend old and outdated behavior patterns by reprogramming the unconscious mind to stay in the now moment, accessing your current and most authentic Truth. You will experience less reactivity, more accurate self-assessment, confidence, joy and aliveness. EmoZen supports more vibrant and alive relationships across the board.

If you are feeling stuck, and/or are tired of feeling alone and misunderstood in this stuck place, even perhaps feeling unmotivated, come…learn the EmoZen process with Krista. You’ll experience the power of alignment, of feeling EmoZenal, and then you, too, will know the magic of EmoZenflow.



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