Its shroud slowly and surely engulfs


Like a slow moving fog.


The difference this time is that

I Confidently disappear into it,

Letting it take me

I no longer need my eyes

In sadness’s foggy shroud

Here, in this space,

I need my heart.

Seeing with my heart

allows me to  know the sun still shines

in this foggy place

Even though I have disappeared inside this

Shroud of sadness

And can no longer see

It is ok because

Sadness and I have become

old and trusted friends

When I befriended sadness,

I learned my dark friend,

Gets lonely, too

Eventually the sun burns away its foggy shroud

Until then

I trust

I sit

I feel

I love

I am one


I won

But of course I did

Love always wins

I am love, and I am friends with Sadness.

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